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YouTube Music is an online music video streaming service launched by YouTube, a division of Google. It gives a very personalized interface for the service based around music and videos posted by users on YouTube according to tags, playlists, and personal favorites. You can type in a track or song title and instantly get access to the stream or video. The interface allows for fast navigation with thumbnail views for each track or video. This way, you can easily find the song you want, even if your radio station plays the same song. You can also find the most popular music videos and search for artists or albums that you would like to hear more of on YouTube.

Like other similar video streaming services, the YouTube music app on android phones does not require any extra downloads or installed software for users. Just install the app, access the YouTube Music app, add your account, and start enjoying. It works on all types of android phones, supporting text-to-speech options for those who want to listen to the audio only. This makes it perfect for those who would like to share the experience of their favorite tracks with others. It also allows users to share videos with their respective channels.

There are two kinds of YouTube Music for mobiles: one for paid members and the other for free members. With the free member’s account, one can watch as many videos and songs as one would like. It offers two ways to buy YouTube Music: one for an ad-supported price of $9.99 per month subscription, and another one for an ad-free price of $4.99 per month subscription. The ad-supported option features contextual advertising on YouTube Music, which can be customized according to the audience, color scheme, or size of the text ads. The ad-free option does not feature any advertising on YouTube Music.

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